How many bags of topsoil in a yard 2023?

Knowing how many bags of topsoil in a yard is essential to managing a construction or gardening project. In this guide, we’ll explain how to estimate the number of topsoil bags you need. Here is the quick answer to the common question on topsoil bag calculation:

  • There are 36 bags of 40-pound topsoil in one cubic yard.
  • One yard of topsoil can cover up to 324 sq. ft. at 1-inch depth.
  • One cubic foot of topsoil weighs around 80 pounds.
  • A 40-pound bag of topsoil is typically 0.75 cubic feet.

Summary of 40lb bags of topsoil in cubic yards

Cubic YardsCubic FeetNumber of 40lb Bags
1 Yard27 cu ft36 Bags
2 Yards54 cu ft72 Bags
3 Yards81 cu ft108 Bags
4 Yards108 cu ft144 Bags
5 Yards135 cu ft180 Bags
6 Yards162 cu ft216 Bags
7 Yards189 cu ft252 Bags
8 Yards216 cu ft288 Bags
9 Yards243 cu ft324 Bags
10 Yards270 cu ft360 Bags

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Topsoil Calculator

If you’re in a hurry, you can use this topsoil calculator tool to estimate the number of topsoil bags. Here is how to use the topsoil calculator tool.

  • Enter width and length in feet, and depth in inches.
  • Choose bag size from the drop-down menu.

Topsoil needed: 0 cubic yards

Topsoil weight: 0 lb

Number of bags: 0

What Is Topsoil in construction?

How many bags of topsoil in a yard

Topsoil is the first layer of soil used in construction projects. It is the surface layer, which is 2 to 12 inches deep. This layer consists of minerals, organic material, and microorganisms. Topsoil, often known as loam, is a crumbly and soft soil that balances sand, clay, and silt.

How to calculate topsoil required

Calculating the amount of topsoil needed for a construction project is essential. Let’s break it down step-by-step:

1. Online Topsoil Calculator:

  • Use our online topsoil calculator to estimate topsoil needs ( Top of the page).
  • Input length, width, and depth of the area.
  • The calculator gives an estimate in cubic yards.

2. Manual Volume Calculation:

  • Measure the area’s length, width, and depth in feet.
  • Multiply these dimensions: volume in cubic feet.
  • Convert cubic feet to cubic yards: divide the volume by 27.

3. Topsoil Estimation:

  • For rough estimates without exact measurements.
  • A common guideline: use 6-inch depth for topsoil.
  • For a 100 square foot area: roughly 1.85 cubic yards of topsoil is needed.

How many 40lb bags of topsoil in a cubic yard?

How many 40lb bags of topsoil in a cubic yard
How many 40lb bags of topsoil in a cubic yard

To determine the number of 40lb bags of topsoil in a cubic yard, let’s follow a step-by-step calculation:

1. Calculate the Volume Needed:

  • Imagine a pile of organic-rich soil measuring 3 feet in length, 3 feet in width, and 3 feet in height.
  • Calculate volume: (3 x 3 x 3 = 27) cubic feet.

2. Weight of Topsoil:

  • One cubic yard of topsoil weighs approximately 2200 pounds or 1.1 short tons.
  • Hence, one cubic foot of topsoil is around 80 pounds.

A short ton is an Imperial unit of mass equal to 2,000 pounds.

3. Bag Measurements:

  • A typical 40lb bag of topsoil covers about 0.75 cubic feet or 0.028 cubic yards.

4. Calculation:

  • To find the number of 40lb bags in a cubic yard, divide the total volume of a yard by the volume one bag covers.
  • Number of bags: (27/0.75 = 36) bags.

There are 36 bags of 40lb topsoil in one cubic yard. When planning construction or landscaping, this precise calculation ensures the right amount of topsoil is procured.

How much does a yard of topsoil cover?

Table for Coverage of a 1 Yard of Topsoil:

Depth of TopsoilCoverage Area
1 inch324 sq.ft.
2 inches162 sq.ft.
3 inches100 sq.ft.
4 inches81 sq.ft.
5 inches64.8 sq.ft.
6 inches54 sq.ft.

The above table shows how much one yard of topsoil covers in square feet.

How much does 1 cubic foot of topsoil weigh

Factors Influencing Weight:

  • Moisture content: A dry cubic yard can weigh up to 2,000 pounds, while a wet cubic yard can weigh up to 3,000 pounds.
  • Presence of debris.

Calculation from Yard to Foot:

  1. A cubic yard consists of 27 cubic feet (3ft x 3ft x 3ft).
  2. Taking an average weight: 1 cubic yard of topsoil weighs approximately 2200 pounds.
  3. To find the weight of 1 cubic foot: (27/2200 pounds) = 80  pounds (rounded).

One cubic foot of average topsoil weighs approximately 80 pounds. However, this value can range from about 70 pounds (for drier conditions) to 110  pounds (for wetter conditions) depending on moisture and debris content.

How many cubic feet is 40 lbs of soil

  • Measurement System: Using the Imperial or US customary measurement system, a 40 lb bag of topsoil typically encompasses about 0.75 cubic feet.
  • Factors Affecting Volume: The exact volume can fluctuate based on the soil’s moisture content, its state (whether loose or dense), and its level of compaction.
  • Coverage Estimates:
    • 1-inch depth: A 40 lb bag covers roughly 9 square feet.
    • 2-inch depth: It spans about 5 square feet.
    • 3-inch depth: It occupies around 3 square feet.


We’ve delved deep into what topsoil really is and explored methods to determine how much is required for specific areas. Crucially, we’ve broken down the numbers: from determining the number of 40lb or 50lb bags needed for a yard to understanding the coverage and weight specifics.

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