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To ensure the most reliable civil engineering education is accessible to everyone.


The CIVILDIGEST is an educational website aiming to provide the most accurate and up-to-date civil engineering education accessible to everyone at no cost. Our pedagogy meets the knowledge needs of prospective freshmen who wish to work as industry experts. We cover fundamental to advanced theories and principles concerning the design and analysis of concrete, steel, and timber structures per EURO Standards. We offer an extensive practical understanding of different techniques and methodologies utilized in building and road construction, backed by the basic skills of project management. As a civil engineering student, you may have all your requirements met in one place.

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Kaumadi Ganiarachchi


Kaumadi Ganiarachchi is a co-founder and the main author of  She is a graduated civil engineer from the Sri Lanka Institute of Information Technology. Finite element analysis and dynamic analysis of high-rise buildings are two of her areas of specialty.  She has conducted research on the numerical analysis of the shear behavior of high-strength concrete beams without stirrups. Her vision is to make comprehensive education in civil engineering available to everyone, from novice to professional. 

Kalhara Sandaruwan


Kalhara Sandaruwan is a co-founder and the designer of He earned his degree, BSc Engineering (Hons) in Electrical & Electronic from the Sri Lanka Institute of Information Technology. “I believe that an online forum is the best approach to educate general public and bring them together under one roof”. He is committed to the site’s mission.